Abhijeet Jayandra Sawant, born and raised in the city of Pune, India. A city surrounded by high walls of the western mountain range, steep rivers and a monsoon to die for. 

While growing up, apart from the sports and games, he had a keen interest in knowing about the stars, planets, and the moon. This reflects in his short films and  can be noticed in his photography too.

He started off as a CG generalist after his bachelors in Supinfocom, Pune. While slowly developing more liking and interest towards live-action films and photography.
As a CG generalist, he has worked mainly as an animator, rigger and a supervisor on game cinematic trailers, like Wolfenstein, Mygamez. On commercials like Grey Goose, Drontal, On music videos like Pink cloud-Pegboard Nerds, Crazy Cuckoo-Lazlo, 3D VR concert of Apocalyptica for Finnair.

As a cinematographer/ director he started off with making his own films like The planet long lost, This is my Pori.
He has also traveled to various places in the world like the Deserts of India, Fjords, beaches and the highlands of Iceland, Laplands and the Arctic circle in Finland, to capture the beautiful nature, the night sky full of stars, nebulae and the northern lights.

Furthermore, he wishes to travel places like Svalbard, Mongolia, Antartica to learn and experience new things from the nature, share his emotions being on this beautiful journey and eventually make a feature with all the experiences combined.

Thank you for reading a bit of my life, hope to see you be a part of this journey. Good wishes :)
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